Genghis Khan Horses is an international experienced, professional breeding and training stable with focus on the Endurance sport. We breed, train and sell high quality Russian Arabian horses and Akhal Tekes. Also external horses and owners are welcome for suitable training and gaining experience within competitions.

Upcoming competitions

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01-10-2016 Wassenaar 58KM Rasheem V.H. - Nicky Duin, 14.6 kmph, 1st place and best condition
                                          Vodolei Khan - Michelle Nooijen, 14.6 kmph, 2nd place

23-09-2016 World Endurance Championship Young Horses Negrepelisse (FRA)
                      122KM Czartowczyk - Bilal Bassam Al Kharraz, 18.2 kmph, 18th place

17-09-2016 Grolloo 83KM Rasheem v.H. - Michelle Nooijen, 14.2 kmph, 1st place

10-09-2016 Otterlo 44KM Saraan Khan - Eva de Vries, Rasheem V.H. - Patricia Wijker, 14.1 kmph, 9th/10th place

27-08-2016 Nordsee Distanz Wangerland (GER) 81KM D.R. Bahirah - Nicky Duin, 13.6 kmph, 1st place

19-08-2016 Brussels Equestrian Endurance Masters CEI1* 100KM
                      Czartowczyk - Bilal Bassam Al Kharraz, 15.5 kmph, 8th place, Vodolei Khan - Eva de Vries, NQ at finish

14-08-2016 Kootwijkerbroek 62KM Bahirah - Nicky Duin, Gerda's Papiet - Michelle Nooijen, 14.6 kmph, 2nd/3rd place

30-07-2016 Leersum UHR 45KM Czartowczyk - Michelle Nooijen, 12.9 kmph, 1st place
                                              Vodolei Khan - Eva de Vries, 12.9 kmph, 4th place

02-07-2016 Etten-Leur 44KM Vodolei Khan - Eva de Vries, Czartowczyk - Nicky Duin, 13.2 kmph, 2nd/3rd place

19-06-2016 Renkum 87KM Rasheem V.H. - Nicky Duin, 12.6 kmph, 9th place - best condition
                                     Gerda's Papiet - Michelle Nooijen, 12.6 kmph, 10th place

04-06-2016 Someren 23KM Rasheem V.H. - Patricia Wijker, 12.8 kmph, 1st place

26-05-2016 Born: Pharaoh Khan by Kemsiz out of Pereuka, colt, buckskin

21-05-2016 Surae 46KM Saran Khan - Nicky Duin, Gerda's Papiet - Michelle Nooijen, 11.6 kmph, 8/9th place

14-05-2016 CEI Ermelo 120KM** Czartowczyk - Eva de Vries, 16.6 kmph, 10th place

13-05-2016 Born: Kashmir Khan by Kemsiz out of Zanieka Springflower, colt, golden buckskin

01-05-2016 Endurance Ermelo 40,5KM Rasheem V.H. - Nicky Duin, 13.6 kmph, 2nd place
                                                      60,5KM Czartowczyk - Eva de Vries, 13.0 kmph, 3rd place

17-04-2016 Leersum 45KM Gerda's Papiet - Eva de Vries, D.r. Bahirah - Marjolein de Wit, 11.5 kmph, 8/9th place

10-04-2016 Renesse 23KM Rasheem V.H. - Patricia Wijker, D.r. Bahirah - Nicky Duin
                                     Gerda's Papiet - Michelle Nooijen, 12.7 kmph, 3rd/4th/5th place

07-04-2016 Born: Suroor Khan by Soyuz Khan out of Sapinia, colt, chestnut

01-04-2016 Fontainebleau FR 90KM CEI* Czartowczyk - Eva de Vries, 16.8 kmph, OK

26-03-2016 Epe 44KM Saran Khan - Marjolein de Wit, Rasheem V.H. - Eva de Vries, 12.7 kmph, OK

20-03-2016 Kootwijkerbroek 22KM Saran Khan - Nicky Duin, Rasheem V.H. - Patricia Wijker, 11.4 kmph, OK

12-03-2016 Ysselsteyn 81KM Czartowczyk (Tsar) - Michelle Nooijen, 14.7 kmph, 5th place
                                         61KM Vodolei Khan - Eva de Vries, 16.1 kmph, 4th place