Genghis Khan Horses is an international experienced, professional breeding and training stable with focus on the Endurance sport. We breed, train and sell high quality Russian Arabian horses and Akhal Tekes. Also external horses and owners are welcome for suitable training and gaining experience within competitions.

Upcoming competitions

30-04-2017 Ommen 85KM Bahirah - Corrina Leeflang, Vera Khan - Eva de Vries
                                    32KM Vodolei Khan - Renee van der Vinne (J), Rasheem V.H. - Patricia Wijker
13-05-2017 Ermelo CEI* 90KM Volna Khan


16-04-2017 UHR 85KM Volna Khan - Nicky Duin, 13.7 kmph, 1st place and best condition

16-04-2017 UHR 45KM Kemsiz - Willem Koet, 11.1 kmph, OK

19-03-2017 Renesse 42KM Veliki Khan (2012) - Eva de Vries, 10.7 kmph, OK